The Way of the Simple Soul

… a blueprint for working directly with your soul to achieve profound joy and immeasurable inner peace.  This is a traveler s guide for seekers, a quenching experience for the spiritually thirsty, and an inspiring template for those who want to deepen their sense of something transcendent. This is a work meant to be read by anyone who wants a meaningful and intimate relationship with their soul.

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The Way of the Lightkeeper

The Way of the Lightkeeper guides us into the deepest recesses of our hearts where we meet our Soul’s luminous connection to the Source of All – The Source of Light. The Way of the Lightkeeper is for those who sense the greater oneness of all existence and are searching for a personal path to the Light. It is through the portal of our heart that we find the way beyond intellect, rules, and ritual to lasting personal liberation.

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What others had to say:

  • I really enjoyed reading this book! The author; Catherine Grace Landry has a way with words, hypnotic and mesmerizing. This is a must buy for those who are beginning to question if there is indeed more to this life. This book has many enlightening anecdotal experiences that help the reader grasp a greater understanding of their own journey into self discovery. No need for a glossary of spiritual term references, this was written for the everyday person.
  • Carole M Martin
  • This is a beautifully written story of one woman's journey of awakening. The shamanic dreams are evocative and compelling. The Way of the Simple Soul is a wonderful book for those who are questioning what they've always believed to be true and discovering the richness and depth of the spiritual path.  

    Julie Loar