Catherine Grace Landry

Catherine was born in the metropolis of Toronto, Canada, yet spent her formative years in a small town perched on the magnetic granite of the Canadian Shield. Her summers were spent on the Great Lakes, hiking, biking and swimming in the rivers and forests of the mystical northern landscape, which cemented a deep spiritual connection to our natural environment.

Catherine moved back to the big city as an adult to complete a university degree in music and spent several years flirting with a career as a classical singer. She was based in Norway for part of this time, performing, and travelling extensively throughout Europe, which served to whet her appetite more for travel than for performing.

She settled permanently in Canada when her daughter was ready for fulltime schooling. At this time, she obtained a part-time editorial contract with Canada’s national centre for the performing arts. This seemingly unimportant step resulted in a successful 22-year career as a marketing, communications and fundraising executive, where she played a central leadership role creating and directing revenue-based programs, building and maintaining major business relationships and inspiring volunteer involvement, all of which generated millions of dollars in support of the performing arts and education.

At the age of 50 it seemed like one switch was turned off and another turned on, resulting in her leaving the corporate world and setting out on a journey to rediscover the wonder and magic inspired by those rock and tree filled landscapes of her youth.

She was her own teacher, relentlessly and single-mindedly seeking and following her own path for the next ten years. She was always an avid reader with an insatiably curious mind, so she proceeded to read, study and treat with practitioners in all areas of holistic wellness. A major heart attack at the age of 43 added an additional layer of urgency to this pursuit. She personally experimented with every type of program available, from the ancient science of Ayurveda, to blood and genetic typing, astrology, numerology, starseeds, crystals, sacred geometry and more. During this time, she qualified as a Kundalini yoga instructor, Sat Nam Rasayan, and Crystal Shamanic practitioner, in addition to numerous single seminars, courses and meditation retreats.

During these years she uncovered her magical connection to the Earth’s elements and frequencies, her psychic communication with dimensions beyond ours, and her intuitive “clairs”, of which claircognizance is the most finely tuned. All of this brought her to a visceral understanding of Soul and a clear, abiding attunement to her own Soul.

Catherine maintains a private practice to guide others to the liberation of their own powerful Soul Light, through her uniquely-blended use of light, sound, and crystal frequencies, and shamanic techniques.

Catherine lives in Canada with her husband and seven children. She spends as much time as she can on the road reveling in the inspiring landscapes of the world. She has authored The Way of the Simple Soul, The Way of the Lightkeeper and the last in the trilogy The Way of the Grace-filled Heart.

Updated June 2020

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