An elderly man lay dying. It was time for his soul to move on, so he humbly asked his God to make it happen. At that moment, I felt an overwhelming impulse to lay my hands on him. Between one breath and the next, his soul separated from his body, which stilled forever.

This is the story of an extraordinary messaged, gifted in an even more extraordinary way, through an ordinary man. Welcome to The Way of the Simple Soul, a blueprint for working directly with your soul to achieve profound joy and immeasurable inner peace. This is a traveler s guide for seekers, a quenching experience for the spiritually thirsty, and an inspiring template for those who want to deepen their sense of something transcendent. This is a work meant to be read by anyone who wants a meaningful and intimate relationship with their soul.

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Book excerpt:


Let Us Play

I dreamt I was back, once again, in the meadow of my soul.

The light was bright yet feathery soft. There was an unearthly stillness in the air that was also alive and vibrant.

On the far side of the meadow, the blue of the sky shimmered like the ripples on a pond. A Shining One emerged. She was the most transcendent Being I had ever seen, with a beauty that defied earthly description. She was tall and very bright as if lit from within by the light of a thousand stars. Her smile wrapped me in a blanket of the purest love. Her figure emanated an elegant grace of a kind unknown to me.

In her arms, she held a little girl of about six years of age. Me!

The child overflowed with exuberance and excitement. She could not contain her joy as the Shining One, laughing gently, lowered her to the grass. The child began running, skipping, and dancing, flinging jubilant greetings to the animals, flowers, trees, fairies, sprites, angels, and spirits.

As if to say, “I am home, let us play!”


Heads up! When your soul says, “Let us play,” you are in for the ride of your life!

Four years before the elderly man’s death I had the good fortune to voluntarily wrap up my 22-year career, lock the door of my office for the last time, and speed off into the sunset! I was 50. Life was good! The rest of my life unfolded before me like an open road. How exciting! Except…. what was I going to do next? Seriously, what was I going to do with 14 hours of free time, seven days a week, for the next several decades?

Well, nature abhors a vacuum, as the saying goes. The Universe decided it was time to hit me with the full force of awakening. I did not need Seven Years in Tibet, great Hollywood movie that it was; seven years in my little yellow house was pilgrimage enough. I had found so many missing puzzle pieces and connected so many dots within my Self, yet there were still a few major roads to travel to convince my soul I was serious, and would it please come home and stay put?

Did I consciously know this was what I was doing? No. Somehow when I opened the Pandora’s box of my psyche, I had subconsciously hit the ‘change’ button. When we learn a truth about ourselves, it must be integrated, and this necessitates a shift. We can put these shifts on hold, but that route opens the door to suffering. At that time, though, I merely thought I had more dots to connect. I was about to plunge into a world completely different from any I had yet known.

In the Works

I am currently writing the Way of the Lightkeeper, the second book in the trilogy that begins with The Way of the Simple Soul.

The Way of the Lightkeeper is a series of dream-visions that tell the story of Light.

‘Light’ is a word used around the world to describe a certain intangible quality or essence. The story will lead the reader to a visceral understanding of the most intimate part of each us as it explores the deep levels of its meaning, essence, and origin. It also focuses on how we access this Light through our human selves and why it is so critically important to do so. A story of Light would not be complete without looking at the Dark. The Way of the Lightkeeper also explores the concepts of shadow and fear.

To be a Lightkeeper is our primary purpose for being on this earth: to keep the Light, to uncover and nurture it within, to set it free to sparkle and dance and glow through us and around us.

Ultimately, The Way of the Lightkeeper is a story of liberation; freedom that comes from living fully in the Light that pours in through our Soul. This Light is our Soul’s pathway home.