The Series chronicles the human journey we all take to connect to our Soul. In our Soul we access the essence of our Source, which channels through our hearts to bring us personal liberation. Ultimately, we pour out from our hearts the Light/Love of that essence to all around us as grace.

The Way of the Simple Soul demystifies the soul-human connection. It tells the story of the journey to discover and permanently incorporate our Soul’s voice into the very fabric of our being, cementing within us the essence of joy.

The Way of the Lightkeeper takes us to the deepest recesses of our being to open the portal of our heart’s connection with Source through our Soul, embedding within us the Light/Love that is our liberation.

The Way of the Grace-filled Heart returns us to our earthly experience following the path of Light/Love flowing from Source, to us, from us to all around us, and then back along this loop. A continuous uninterrupted flow of grace and truth in our world.

the way of the simple soul

An elderly man lay dying. It was time for his soul to move on, so he humbly asked his God to make it happen. At that moment, I felt an overwhelming impulse to lay my hands on him. Between one breath and the next, his soul separated from his body, which stilled forever.

This is the story of an extraordinary messaged, gifted in an even more extraordinary way, through an ordinary man. Welcome to The Way of the Simple Soul, a blueprint for working directly with your soul to achieve profound joy and immeasurable inner peace. This is a traveler s guide for seekers, a quenching experience for the spiritually thirsty, and an inspiring template for those who want to deepen their sense of something transcendent. This is a work meant to be read by anyone who wants a meaningful and intimate relationship with their soul.

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Let Us Play

I dreamt I was back, once again, in the meadow of my soul.

The light was bright yet feathery soft. There was an unearthly stillness in the air that was also alive and vibrant.

On the far side of the meadow, the blue of the sky shimmered like the ripples on a pond. A Shining One emerged. She was the most transcendent Being I had ever seen, with a beauty that defied earthly description. She was tall and very bright as if lit from within by the light of a thousand stars. Her smile wrapped me in a blanket of the purest love. Her figure emanated an elegant grace of a kind unknown to me.

In her arms, she held a little girl of about six years of age. Me!

The child overflowed with exuberance and excitement. She could not contain her joy as the Shining One, laughing gently, lowered her to the grass. The child began running, skipping, and dancing, flinging jubilant greetings to the animals, flowers, trees, fairies, sprites, angels, and spirits.

As if to say, “I am home, let us play!”

the way of the lightkeeper

Would you like to feel a constant unshakeable force within our inner self that never strays from our truest knowing?

Do you desire to flow steadily with all the elements around you, to have them work through you and within you, to mold your body, flirt with your mind, and fire your passions?

The Way of the Lightkeeper guides us into the deepest recesses of our hearts where we meet our Soul’s luminous connection to the Source of All – The Source of Light. The Way of the Lightkeeper is for those who sense the greater oneness of all existence and are searching for a personal path to the Light. It is through the portal of our heart that we find the way beyond intellect, rules, and ritual to lasting personal liberation. Author Catherine Grace Landry grounds this path in actionable practicality for living in joy in this complex maze of a world. A masterpiece of the mind body spirit and new thought genre, this book is the second in The Way trilogy, beginning with Landry’s first book, The Way of the Simple Soul. Volume Three is anticipated for 2021.

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The Way of the Lightkeeper is a series of dream-visions that tell the story of Light.

‘Light’ is a word used around the world to describe a certain intangible quality or essence. The story will lead the reader to a visceral understanding of the most intimate part of each us as it explores the deep levels of its meaning, essence, and origin. It also focuses on how we access this Light through our human selves and why it is so critically important to do so. A story of Light would not be complete without looking at the Dark. The Way of the Lightkeeper also explores the concepts of shadow and fear.

To be a Lightkeeper is our primary purpose for being on this earth: to keep the Light, to uncover and nurture it within, to set it free to sparkle and dance and glow through us and around us.

Ultimately, The Way of the Lightkeeper is a story of liberation; freedom that comes from living fully in the Light that pours in through our Soul. This Light is our Soul’s pathway home.

the way of the Grace-filled Heart

Beyond our quest for meaning, purpose, or faith there is a space without time or dimension that is a pulsing pinpoint of knowing. It is the deep river of infinite grace.

Grace fills our life with love and wisdom. It prompts our hands to be outstretched, our words to be spoken, our thoughts to be heard, our emotions to be expressed. For what is grace, but the Light of our Source sent to guide our hearts in the way of its own Perfect Love

Entering the vast, inner planes of our heart, we find ourselves in an infinite universe. Here lies the path of the journey to Oneness with our Source.

A grace-filled heart offers us the freedom of infinite possibility. Here we greet our Soul, glimpse our vast potential and meet the Light of Source that flows upon our earthly experiences, in all directions, at all times, with no limits, borders or boundaries.

Where are the divisions to empathy? This family versus a stranger’s family? Where are the walls to compassion? This person and not that one? Where are the gates to love that we open only under certain conditions?

A grace-filled heart calls to us to collapse the chapters of the stories we build within our minds and beliefs and see only an endless and unlimited field.

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