Recently I awoke one morning, trotted sleepily into my kitchen, glanced vaguely in the direction of the window – and locked eyes with a deer. She was so close we were practically nose to nose on either side of the glass.  I see deer all the time, as most of us do. Deer are arguably the most populous of animals on the planet. This particular doe lives near us. She was born at the end of our drive and wanders through every morning as did her mother and grandmother and countless ancestors before her. I sometimes come face to face with big daddy buck in full rack!


What made this encounter with the deer significant was that it was 7:22 am on June 29th. You are thinking…so what?


Here’s the thing. Numbers have always fascinated me. I love mathematics, particularly geometry, and was an ace all through school. My brain is a bit foggier now, yet I still am drawn to numbers. When I came across numerology many years ago, I latched on immediately. I took courses, read all the books I could get my hands on and formally track my ‘numbers’ consistently with a wonderful professional numerologist.


Some call the practice of numerology, astrology, horoscopes, oracles and so on a lot of “woo-woo”! I confess that I also felt I was a bit in ‘la-la land’ when I first ventured into the area of metaphysics and mysticism and the various sciences within that field. Gradually, I moved from skepticism into full-on respect.


Learning those disciplines helped me to pay attention, to notice things, to connect dots, to see patterns. Eventually, it became crystal clear to me that there was a lot more going on around us and within us than is at first evident and most of it is utterly amazing!


For years I have observed that when I am flowing through my day with ease and grace, there is a particular rhythm focused around 11s and 22s.  For example, when I decide to take a break from working at my desk, or feel hungry for a meal, or need a standup stretch, or when I am merely moving from room to room, or store to store, doing chores and errands, as I drift by a clock it will show 10:22 or 11:11, or 2:22. It is always at 22 or 11 minutes past the hour. Always!


Many people are noticing the 11s and other master numbers showing up more and more in their lives, and we are in a master number year. 2018 contracts to 11 when you add the three numbers together. The significance for me is this. I was born at 10:22 pm, which is 22:22 on the 24-hour clock. The numerological value of my name Catherine is 11. The value of the name Landry is 11. Therefore my commonly used name,  Catherine Landry is a 22 value. The 29th of June, when I met the deer, has a numerological value of 11 (2+9). The deer is my Native American totem animal. June 29th was my 10th wedding anniversary –  not quite an eleven, but there is a one there!


That morning, “something” prompted me to get out of bed and up to the kitchen window at precisely 7:22 am. “Something ” also prompted the deer to break its habit of wandering through at 6 am and to walk up to my kitchen window at precisely 7:22 am. My encounter was with a deer, my native totem, and not the porcupine that lives under the cottage, or any other animal. This happened on a particular day, and was an event meant just for me, as my husband was still sleeping in bed.


Awe and wonder! The more I have learned to pay attention, the more I notice events such as this. Rather than taking me further into the ‘woo-woo zone,’ it has taken me deeper and deeper into a sense of awe and wonder; at the laws and principles that have constructed our earth, and its inhabitants; the fascinating web of energy that binds us all. We may never fully understand how all this works and I no longer stress over understanding it all. Though I continually search and seek on my path of expansion, I revel more now in simply noticing it all.


As I write this, a loon has suddenly decided to do a happy dance out on the water. It is stretching itself to the sky, splashing noisily, flapping and twirling with the currents. Right in front of me.


Awe and wonder!

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