The Art of Storytelling and the Spiritual Path by Karen Stuth

The art of storytelling is one of the most ancient forms of communicating personal experiences and conveying values and messages in a manner that is naturally and intuitively understood. As far back as anyone can remember, people have been gathering around campfires, sharing warmth and safety, and creating emotional connection through a well-crafted tale. People can easily relate to stories that communicate important ideas or those that demonstrate a truthful simplicity, even in the midst of a complicated world. They can inspire and influence; they can teach, provide hope, instill humor, and help us to glimpse the future.

Stories can reconnect or restore us to our true nature as we share the inner voice that guides us and the current of life force that thrums through the tales of others.  Storytelling has been for an untold numbers of years the vehicle which helps us to connect with our humanity.  Stories are often used to record history and to help the storyteller to deeply bond with his or her audience. We often recognize the experiences of story characters as truth, and/or as true for us.  We thrill to their successes and lament their failures.

This is especially true of tales told by others of their own spiritual journey.

Like spirituality itself, everyone’s spiritual journey is a very personal and unique experience, often involving the life adventure of an intrepid traveler, the retelling of which provides a luminous beacon for others seeking their own path. The journey, which we know has no final destination, is one of asking questions, listening to our inner guidance, and seeking those elements which deepen our wisdom and experience. Whether or not we are wearing our ‘traveler’s cloak’ for all the world to see, we are all on a spiritual journey of our own making, simply by being born; we choose our path by way of our thoughts, beliefs, actions, and choices. Through these elements, we are offered the opportunity to personally develop and grow, to blossom through the shared spiritual journey of another. We are, as well, our own living storyteller, experiencing and ‘writing’ our own tale of adventure unfolding before us.

If we were to truly map our path, to see it from a 10,000-foot view, we would each find our journey no less exciting than that of Frodo the Hobbit, Odysseus,or Gulliver.  Some days we may feel more like Dora the Explorer, and others more like a member of the crew of the Starship Enterprise! Still other days we might find ourselves too occupied with the activities of daily life to notice our journey at all. Yet we each love a shared journey of self-discovery, finding commonality with other travelers, learning from and gathering inspiration from their life adventures, and perhaps even finding a new path which beckons us toward a deeper understanding of ourselves, of our true nature. These tales of the pathless path hold us in rapt attention because we find ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, in the accounts of others. This is the energy of oneness at work; we root for others moving down their path, but we are really cheering for ourselves as well. We each seek the common blueprint for happiness, peace, and prosperity that is our very birthright. We look for masters and lantern bearers to inspire and direct us, to lead us by way of their life example.

Perhaps this is why readers find spiritual journey books so compelling.


The Way of The Simple Soulis one such book.  Written by Canadian author Catherine Grace Landry, this modest gem of a book is the account of the author’s own journey into Shadow and back to Light; she offers her own candid tale of personal evolution and growth as she develops a significant ability to have a direct, meaningful, and intimate relationship with her own soul. At first an unwilling traveler, she later became a lightkeeper for others and for our world.

What would it be like to work with your soul constantly, to converse as with a best friend and ultimate mentor?  Landry’s tale of discovering and permanently incorporating her soul’s voice into the very fabric of her being is both compelling, extraordinary, and also profoundly inspiring. Many will find her breathtaking story of soul retrieval and her shamanic dreams unshakeable and memorable; others will experience her story as something that deepens their experience of something transcendent. Her accounts of her shamanic dreams unfold around the reader like campfire smoke, obscuring all sense of time, entering our consciousness like early morning fog, providing us a new experiential vocabulary, and showing us a mystical and metaphoric land in which to reside. Her well-told account is the essence of what is beautiful and important about the art of storytelling.

The Way of the Simple Soulis a traveler’s guide for seekers, a quenching experience for the spiritually thirsty, and an inspiring template for many. Imbued with the elements of mystery, mysticism, and metaphor, this book offers its readers an extraordinary message, gifted in an even more extraordinary way, through an ordinary person. This book, and books of its type, are particularly important to all spiritual ‘pilgrims;’ following the lighted path of others, we find our own way, perhaps later telling our own story to others, realizing our own journey is no less inspirational, no less valuable, and no less visionary. We are each leading the way for others to follow.

For visionary retailers or entrepreneurs who enjoy offering books as tools for conscious living, The Way of the Simple Souloffers an accessible tale of what trust, surrender, and grace can offer to each of us. To those who already recognize their own unfolding path, it will provide confirmation that Love, as actualized in our Soul Self, has always been our boon companion. Told with truth and humility, it offers the best of our ancient legacy of storytelling: a true account of a heroic quest set in modern times.

About the Author: Karen Stuth is the co-owner of Colorado-based Satiama, LLC, whose service marks include Satiama Publishing, a mind*body*spirit publishing house, and Satiama Writers Resource, a consultancy for writers who want to become published authors.  She is co-author of the award-winning game, Quintangled, and also the current president of the Coalition of Visionary Resources.



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